Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This is a young man who didn’t like the shape of his chest. He had lost a significant amount of weight and believed he had gynecomastia. He came to me for my opinion and eventually for gynecomastia surgery.

On exam, you can clearly see a round shape in his chest area and he has excess fullness. We discussed a gynecomastia treatment that will flatten the area and make it less round. We wanted a more masculine contour.

He is seen here after gynecomastia surgery with liposuction and direct tissue removal through an incision around the areolas. You can clearly see the improvement in his post-operative photos – flatter and much more man like than before. There are no irregularities. The “heaviness” at the bottom of his chest area is gone.

His main concern now is the fullness in his upper chest area. He told me he thought it was excess fat but on examination it is his pectoral muscles. It may seem to him that the upper pectoral area is larger now that the lower part (the area that I treated) is smaller. I think it is an impressive result.