Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This is an 18 year old who is 5’6″ and 122 pounds who presented to me for treatment of gynecomastia with surgery that he says was made worse by the use of the drug Tagamet. His parents were very instrumental in bringing him to the Austin Gynecomastia Center for treatment.

He has impressive fullness of his chest that is most appreciated on lateral view. His nipple-areola complexes are quite “puffy” and the diameter of the areolas are enlarged quite a bit.

So the question for the surgeon becomes: How do I remove this offending glandular material and do I need to make incisions around the areolas or across the chest to deal with the possibility of loose skin afterwards?

He is seen here after “standard” gynecomastia surgery with removal of the tissue through a small incision at the bottom of the areola borders. Based on my examination, I felt that the skin would retract favorably and that he wouldn’t need a “donut” lift to tighten the skin around the areolas and to make the diameters of the areolas smaller.

He has some creasing in the body of the areolas after surgery. They are much smaller and normal in size. He always has an option to do more surgery to “tighten” the areolas but I don’t think it’s necessary. He is pleased and agrees with me that he doesn’t need anything more at this juncture.

It has helped him, he says, but he is not “100%” cured. Not everyone gets over having gynecomastia 100%. Sometimes it’s like a scar that sticks around as it has been there for so long. It’s always better, but complete cure is a challenge for some gynecomastia patients. I do my best to make it best for my gynecomastia patients.