Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This young man was 15 years old and complained to me that he felt he had puffy nipples that was much worse in the warmer weather. He has had this since puberty. On my examination, I couldn’t appreciate obvious glandular tissue and I thought this would be mostly fatty. I was wrong though. During his gynecomastia surgery I found mostly glandular and fibroglandular tissue. It was treated with direct removal through a small “smile” incision at the bottom of the areolas as well as some liposuction.

His result is presented. His contour is excellent. It’s surprising how much tissue was removed in his case. I am not always right about what I find at surgery and that is why I take an “open” approach to each case. I try to leave my options open to achieve my primary goals for gynecomastia treatment:

1. Remove all the glandular tissue.
2. Leave the final contour even and manly and “normal”.
3. Ensure that the long term healing process is as good as it gets.
4. Make the patient happy and take away the burden of gynecomastia.

We have achieved these goals in his case.