Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This patient had a previous gynecomastia procedure performed elsewhere and complained of asymmetry and residual breast tissue (greater on the right side). Upon examination, there was evidence of breast tissue on the right side and mostly fat remaining on the left side. To obtain the most symmetrical result, we performed liposuction on both sides and a large tissue removal on the right side only. The “after” photographs were taken at six months post-operatively. Areas of palpable firmness and dimpling of the skin have improved on the right side with time and massage. Most cases of gynecomastia surgery require the combination of both liposuction and tissue removal. The incisions are typically around the areola border. It takes up to a year for the scars to soften.

The last set of photographs actually shows the tissue that was removed from the right breast. Note that the white colored tissue is actually breast tissue that can only be removed with surgery and not simply liposuction.