Breast Revision

Before And After Photos

This is a 42 year old mom, 5’5″ and 149 pounds who presented to me complaining of a saline implant deflation. She had her original procedure done elsewhere. We discussed her breast implant revision options, including types of implants and above and below the muscle as well as a breast lift. Her breasts are sagging OFF her implants. Her implants are sitting a bit high relative to her breast tissue. This makes for the saggy appearance. I can clearly feel the implant and then the loose breast tissue falling off it.

She doesn’t want a lift. She is seen here after the removal of her old saline implants and the placement of new silicone high profile 325cc implants in the same subglandular pocket. I adjusted the pockets internally to move her implants more medially and lower. By lowering the implant this will “take up” some of the loose tissue at the bottom of the breast (or at least this is what we hope!)

There is a dramatic improvement in the appearance of her breasts. No longer is her breast tissue falling off her implant. The difference in the “feel” of her breasts from the saline variety of implants is very positive. They look and feel quite natural. Keeping her breasts to the midline of her chest is important so that they don’t fall off to the side over time. Yes, this means wearing a bra at night as well!

Lessons to learn:

  1. Adjustments can be made to improve the appearance of almost all breasts as they change over time.
  2. Most patients who have had both silicone and saline implants generally prefer the silicone variety.
  3. Going larger on implant size will certainly fill out the breast more but sometimes too large and implant can ruin things. In her case, her original implants were the same size as the ones that I replaced.
  4. She wishes that she had gone larger with her implants. This isn’t always the case, but you will hear this more often in patients that are very happy with their results. What they haven’t learned the hard way is that sometimes too much implant can cause problems that results in the wish for smaller ones.
  5. My experience is that subglandular implants don’t fare as well as submuscular implants, but not always.
  6. It’s requires great surgical judgment and experience to help a patient to make a decision on “what to do” given the various options. Ultimately, success is measured with a happy patient. Having excellent patient rapport is critical and patients need to have realistic expectations.
  7. The key to her long term success is a great bra.