Tubular Breasts - Tuberous Breasts Correction

Before And After Photos

This is a 21 year old who had tubular breast condition. She is seen here about 8 months after an augmentation with 385cc and 415cc smooth silicone implants placed beneath the muscle with an incision only around the areolas. I splayed out and flattened the dense breast tissue at the time of her procedure. I made her areolas smaller with a special gortex suture. She developed some stretch marks on her breast after surgery.

Tubular breast condition is not a deformity or something bad other than the appearance of the breast, which is very narrow with herniation or protrusion of the gland through the areola. Treatment varies depending on the severity of the condition and the patients anatomy. Almost all cases benefit from a breast implant which makes the breast fuller and more normal.

These cases are challenging, so visiting with an experienced surgeon is important to a successful outcome. It takes several months for the breast to shape up nicely after surgery and it may require that you move the implant and massage the breasts.

Tubular breast correction results are often dramatic because the new breast shape is the opposite of the old one—the breast is fuller and wider and the areolas are of normal size. Patient are very happy with their new breasts and there is no doubt it is a game changer.

Multiple procedures maybe required in some cases in order to achieve the desired result. Spreading of the areola is not uncommon if the gortex suture is not used. This suture has proven to be an essential component to successful surgery outcomes.