Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Before And After Photos

This patient is an excellent example of a “routine” type rhinoplasty / nose job. She had the typical nose hump and a wide tip complex and a wide nose at the base. Her nose was not in ideal balance where the bridge was actually higher than the tip. Her nose didn’t fit her face in an ideal balance/proportion so what I did was to reduce the hump, refine the tip and narrow the nose in general.

Rhinoplasty - An Incredible Nose Job Surgery ExperienceWatch

The difference is real and natural. You would never know that she had her nose done. What people “see” in her old nose are the exaggerated features as I mention above-the hump and the imbalanced nose. What they “see” now is just a nose-it fits her face, it’s balanced and normal and not something that brings attention to it.

The days of nose job “gone crazy” are long gone. It’s all about keeping it real and natural. Not bizarre. Not botched. No ski slope. No to being able to see into your nose while your talking to someone. The nose is an area of plastic surgery that requires much expertise and experience. It is difficult to say the least. Choose your surgeon wisely and make sure that your expectations are realistic. Don’t fall for the “photo manipulation” of your nose sell job-focus on your surgeon and his/her results/experience/reputation and you will be ok.