Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Before And After Photos

This patient desired improvement in the appearance of her nose as well as the desire to actually use her nose for breathing (she was obstructed most of the time and breathed through her mouth).

She is seen here several months from her nose job (internal and external). This is relatively early and you can expect her nose to continue to heal form many months to come.

My focus was her internal nose and her tip complex. To assist with breathing I performed a lot of internal work-straightening out her deviated septum and reducing the size of her turbinates so she has an open nose for air to actually pass though. I also utilized cartilage grafts from her septum to build her nose in the midsection so her breathing would be better. This worked very well and she can breath easily for the first time.

I refined the rather thick, generous tip cartilage complex so it is no longer overgrown and unusual looking. Her nose is not much more refined in general. I made it still like her old nose per her request. I doubt many people will notice a difference unless they had her before photos to compare.