Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Before And After Photos

This young women is seen after a classic nose job or rhinoplasty. She is about 7 months out from her procedure and past the initial recovery period. You can clearly appreciate the differences in her nose – the bridge is lower and straight, her tip is refined, the nose is a bit shorter than it was and it is a bit narrower as well. The big picture is a smaller, cuter nose that fits her face.

A well done nose job is not something that someone will notice. The power of a beautiful nose is appreciated well beyond just the nose. Look at her beautiful face and how well balanced it is with her new nose. Remember that our brains and eyes are made to appreciate something that stands out and is unexpected. When you create balanced, natural looking plastic surgery results that don’t look weird we have done our job. It takes about two years for all the swelling to resolve so she has continued room for refinement as time proceeds.