Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Before And After Photos

This woman was interested in a rhinoplasty or changes to her nose. She desired refinement and felt her nose was a bit too strong for her face.

She has a nice nose. The problem area was that her dorsum, or bridge of the nose, was a bit high, especially relative to her lower nasal tip. Her tip itself was shaped well.

She is seen here after a “finesse” type rhinoplasty. I reduced about two millimeters of her dorsum, and elevated her tip with a suture technique. I fractured her nasal bones to narrow the dorsum of the nose after removing the hump.

Her results are quite natural. She has an improved nasal/facial balance. When you don’t have a lot of issues, you generally don’t need a lot of surgery. Keeping it simple in her case resulted in a welcome improvement without drama.