Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Before And After Photos

This patient desired a rhinoplasty because she had a large, poorly shaped nose that she believed didn’t fit her face or her personality. Indeed, you can clearly see in the pre-operative photographs that her nose was not only large for her face, but it was also poorly shaped with a hump on the bridge and a rounded, over-projecting tip.

She is seen in these photos about six months from her rhinoplasty. It was performed through an incision on the columella. The cartilage was reduced and reshaped with sutures, and the bones were narrowed. Her nose was made shorter as well. There is swelling that continues in her nasal tip.  Her nose certainly fits her face better-she actually looks quite different, but it’s still her. What is most impressive is that the change in the nose (the center of the face) has such an impact on the appearance of her face in general.

It takes about two years or more for all the healing to occur in the nose. It will still continue to change albeit in small ways over time. Her breathing is good after surgery, which is important because if you make the nose smaller, you can also make the airway smaller possibly resulting in breathing compromise. There are steps that I will perform at the time of the rhinoplasty procedure to ensure that this is unlikely. She couldn’t be happier with her early results. I look forward to seeing her at two or three years out from her procedure to see how she changes over time.