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Plastic Surgery Videos

While pioneering several leading procedures in cosmetic surgery for women, Dr. Caridi started broadcasting plastic surgery videos including detailed explanations of the surgical procedures. His YouTube channel now has over 35 million views.

Why Does A Breast Lift Get Better With Breast Implants?

Nose Job Surgery Footage (IN THE OPERATING ROOM)

Nose Job To Reduce Hump And Refine Tip

Breast Implant Exchange With Breast Lift – Part 1

Breast Implant Exchange With Breast Lift – Part 2

Breast Implant Exchange With Breast Lift – Part 3

Rhinoplasty Surgery for Hook Nose with Hump Reduction

Rhinoplasty Vlog Part 1 – Inside The Operating Room

Rhinoplasty Vlog Part 2 – Splint Removal and Recovery

Rhinoplasty Vlog Part 3 – 6 Week Post Op

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