Mommy Makeover

Before And After Photos

This patient had a previous breast reduction and tummy tuck done elsewhere. She wants her breasts to be a lot smaller than they are. She was also interested in body contouring options as she still felt large and had a prominent abdomen.

I offered her a secondary breast reduction. This is where I did another reduction with the removal of over 500 grams of tissue on each breast with a skin tightening as well. I offered her liposuction of her midsection as she had a lot of fat in that area. I told her she needed to lose weight.

She is seen here about 12 weeks out of her mommy makeover procedure. She was 150 pounds before her surgery and is now 128 lbs. She lost the weight by controlling the amount of food that passes between her lips. Her body is smaller, her breasts are smaller and her figure is phenomenal. The call her the “shrinking woman” at her workplace.

What I noticed is that her abdomen is still full and she has fascial weakening of the mid to upper abdomen with a hernia as well. I offered her a secondary tuck to tighten the skin, repair the fascia and hernia. The reason her abdomen is looking the way it does is likely because she simply had a tuck done when her weight was too high. It’s impossible to tighten the fascia and do a good tuck if you are overweight. It is imperative / essential that you only entertain a tummy tuck when your Body Mass Index (BMI) is in the ideal/healthy range. If you want a big disappointment, go ahead with the surgery when you are overweight. You will be shocked how many surgeons will operate when you are well outside your ideal weight.