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Mommy Makeover Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 32

Patient Details

This patient was interested in comprehensive mommy makeover alternatives. She is seen here after a Breast Reduction with Augmentation with the placement of 440cc high profile silicone implants below the muscle and about a 100g reduction of each breast.

We also performed a large liposuction of her abdomen and backside and a full abdominoplasty with fascial plication. She is seen here about 7 months from treatment and she has lost 5 pounds since surgery (which means that her weight is stable). Her scars are still quite red and a bit raised. This will take about two years to get to their best appearance. Her figure is enhanced for sure. I plan on treating “dog ears” on the lateral aspects of her lower abdominal incision so they are flatter.

Combining multiple procedures such as this case should not be considered the routine or normal. The decision on how to proceed with treatment in terms of the types of procedures and the combining of these procedures takes experience and high quality judgment. You do not want to put your health at risk by “doing everything at once”. It depends on many factors that include your anatomy, your weight, your health status and even your pain tolerance and home care!

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