Mommy Makeover

Before And After Photos

This is a 26 year old female who is 5’6″ and 136 pounds who has three children and she was interested in a mommy makeover. We decided to perform a full abdominoplasty and a bilateral breast augmentation and some liposuction. Her breasts were quite different with the right one being larger and more ptotic than the left side.

She is seven months out from her surgery. Her breasts were augmented with 350cc silicone implants on the left and 325cc on the right side.  I removed 800cc of fat from her flanks. I performed a full abdominoplasty and also tightened her deeper fascia.

You can clearly appreciate the improvements made on her body. Her weight is the same. Her abdomen is flatter and tighter. Her scars have done well. She has a small dog ear on the left side of her abdominal scar which I will fix under local anesthesia at her convenience. Her breasts have done very well considering the differences that existed before her surgery. This was accomplished with breast implants alone.