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Mommy Makeover Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 25

Patient Details

This is a 41 year old mother of one who is 5’7″ and 147 pounds who was interested in my mommy makeover plastic surgery services. She complained that her breasts were too large and unshapely, and that her figure isn’t what it used to be. Her breasts were large and matronly with significant ptosis and asymmetry. She had a nice figure, but she was a bit full in her midsection. Her skin was of good quality, her abdomen was relatively flat with moderate fascial laxity from her pregnancy, and she has a fair amount of fat about her trunk.

We discussed options. I performed a bilateral BRA procedure on her breasts and removed 5450cc of aspirate from her abdomen and back areas. The combination is quite impressive in my opinion. She lost about twenty pounds since her surgery. I almost didn’t recognize her figure when I examined her.

Lessons to learn:

  1. Combining procedures in the right patient can offer impressive results. However, you must choose the right procedures, they may need to be staged, and consideration needs to be made for risk and recovery related issues.
  2. This is a large volume liposuction (greater than 5000cc of aspirate) combined with a complex breast procedure. Great care needs to be exercised by your surgeon, and the experience level needs to be high. Choose your surgeon wisely as complications can be significant. Don’t place your wellbeing in the hands of those who are inexperienced. Make sure you only choose board certified plastic surgeons, and never assume that you are visiting with the type of doctor you think he or she is. Always be critical of your surgeons qualifications.
  3. Her weight loss is impressive. I always insist on weight loss for patients who need to lose weight. Half, if not more, of my patient consultations for liposuction will lead to no surgery as the patient is better off losing weight and then getting another evaluation. Those whose BMI (Body Mass Index) is too high put themselves at higher risk for perioperative complications.
  4. Surgery can take all day long. I don’t care what you are having done and with whom. Keep all procedures at about four hours max and you will put yourself at less risk. Anything longer than seven hours is not advised in my opinion.
  5. I wouldn’t offer her an abdominoplasty at the same time – it’s too much considering the other procedures and she would not have been able to handle the surgical insult. I will probably perform her full abdominoplasty in the near future as she wants the loose skin to be tightened. It is not noticeable while standing, but when she bends over there is some lax skin. I think she is beautiful, but I understand why patients want the skin tightened at the expense of a hip to hip scar along the lower abdomen as well as a circular scar around the belly button.

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