Mommy Makeover

Before And After Photos

This is a 39 year old mother of one who is who is 5’2″ and 130 pounds. She was interested in a mommy makeover. She complained that her breasts are not what they used to be and that she now has a big time abdominal prominence.

She is seen in these photos about one year from a full abdominoplasty and some liposuction. I also performed a BAR procedure (breast augmentation and reduction) with the use of 250cc high profile silicone implants placed beneath the muscle with the “lift” performed through a vertical incision resulting in a lollipop shaped final scar.

Lessons to learn:

  1. Breasts change after pregnancy. They often don’t get better. They lose volume and shape and become saggy. In her case, she wanted them narrower, less saggy and more superior breast fullness. This is the best indication for my BAR procedure for breast enhancement.
  2. She has big time abdominal muscle/fascia laxity. This occurs in some patients even after a single pregnancy and is often related to genetics. I actually told her that I couldn’t even remotely guarantee her that her abdomen would be flat after surgery but I was wrong (that’s good for her). She is flat. She did lose some weight and that helped the situation as well.
  3. The combination of the three procedures (breast, lipo, and tuck) is VERY powerful. I dare say that she has a figure now that is better than BEFORE her wonderful child entered this world! This is not always the case, but happens more often than not.
  4. What I am most impressed about is how this has changed her life. She thinks she is hot (and she is). Her husband is very grateful to me for the work I have done. There are no longer the complaints about this or that about her body. She is OK with it (as much as anyone is actually “ok” with their body). A mommy makeover is a powerful rehabilitator after the damage done with pregnancies.
  5. She wished she would have chosen larger implants.
  6. The same women that I operate on for a mommy makeover come back years later for other procedures related to the aging process. They like knowing the skill set of their plastic surgeon when considering additional procedures.