Mommy Makeover

Before And After Photos

This mother of one was 5’10” and 150 pounds who was interested in body and breast contouring procedures for her “mommy makeover.” She desires more “bling” when she is naked. Her breasts are relatively small and narrow especially considering her wide shoulders. She has fullness in her midsection, both front and back that makes her appear “square” and not particularly shapely.

We elected for a bilateral breast augmentation with 450cc silicone implants placed below the muscle through an incision in the breast crease. I removed 3250cc of fat about her abdomen, hips, lower posterior back and below her buttock area.

Note the creation of “curves” with the liposuction. Her waist appears more narrow and longer. Her buttock area is more refined by the removal of fat all around it. Her breasts are fuller and shapelier, much better proportioned with her new figure.