Mini Tummy Tuck

Before And After Photos

This is a 42 year old mother of two who is 5’8” and 135 pounds who was interested in some body word as she told me she was “getting older”.

She has a nice figure, her weight is under control and her skin is of decent quality. We discussed liposuction as well as various “tuck” options. I convinced her that in her case, all she needed was some liposuction of her abdomen and backside and a mini tummy tuck. She actually had a depressed scar where she had her C section so this would tighten some of the skin on the lower abdomen and smooth out the scar.

I removed 900cc of fat from her abdomen and posterior flanks and removed some excess skin on the lower abdomen while also flattening out her depressed C section scar.

Lessons to learn:

  1. She is ideal for these procedures. Lipo because her skin is good and she has fat in those areas and is not overweight, and a skin tuck because her abdomen is already relatively flat, she complains mostly of loose skin of the lower abdomen.
  2. I undersold the procedure as I almost always do. I want patients to have realistic expectations and I want them happy with their results. This is, however, a pretty impressive result in general. It’s easy to have impressive results when the patients start our impressive.
  3. She recently underwent a breast enhancement by us. This combination will increase her curves for sure. I’m not sure why she didn’t want an augmentation at her original procedure—usually patients are scared of one thing or another. It’s easy to ask for it after you feel comfortable with your surgeon and his/her skills.