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Mini Tummy Tuck

Dr. Caridi's Take
  • Overview

    A mini tuck is a limited skin tuck on the lower abdomen only. It “tightens” excess skin in the area between the belly button and the pubic area. Usually the fascia on the abdomen is NOT tightened with this procedure. It does nothing for the skin above the belly button, nor does it necessarily flatten the abdomen as the fascia is not manipulated to make the abdomen flatter.

  • Dr. Caridi's Take

    This procedure is not a full tuck. It is best for those patients who have a relatively flat abdomen but have some skin excess on the lower abdomen. Patients “hope” that they only need a mini rather than the larger full tuck but this is often not the case. If your abdomen is full with a significant bulge and lots of loose or handing skin, a full tuck is needed as a mini will offer nothing.

    These tucks are often combined with liposuction at the same time for the best result. This procedure is best suited for trim, fit patients who complain of loose skin on the lower abdomen when they bend over.

  • Procedure

    Anesthesia Options

    When combined with liposuction, IV sedation or General anesthesia is preferred.

    Side Effects/Risks

    Swelling and moderate discomfort is associated with this procedure. You need to take it easy for about three days afterwards and then gradually increase your activity. A drain is usually needed and is removed after 3-5 days. The typical issues with any surgery can arise from this procedure—bleeding, infection, hematoma and seroma. Scarring is across the lower part of the abdomen and is not small. Small dog ears at the ends of the incisions are not uncommon. Overall, though, this is a simpler procedure than a full abdominoplasty.