Breast Lift With Implants

Before And After Photos

This patient is early out from a breast lift and breast implant combination with the use of the Ideal Implant 300cc placed below the muscle with a bilateral breast lift with a vertical approach. The final scar is lollipop shaped. She was looking for fuller breasts with more superior fullness and better shape. Her breasts are quite saggy and this sit on her upper abdomen.

The early result shows very significant fullness and improved shape. This shortens the upper chest and lengthens the abdomen (both ideal characteristics). She is quite pleased and with time her breasts will continue to settle and her nipples will roll up with time. It’s amazing how you can actually see her areolas as in the pre-operative photos they are quite small and contracted. This Ideal Implant is a special saline variety that has features more closely related to the silicone variety.