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Breast Lift With Implants Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 57

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This patient is seen here with significant sagging of her breasts and a complete loss of superior breast fullness. She is the ideal candidate for a breast lift and breast augmentation combination because we need to add volume up top where it’s needed and tighten the excess skin so it’s not so saggy. I talk about a breast lift, but it was actually a breast reduction. Removal of sagging, dense, heavy breast tissue is the only solution to the problem of recurrent sagging if I were to then try to suture this tissue at a higher level. This is known as my BRA procedure or Breast Reduction with Augmentation.

I placed 505cc high profile silicone implants below the muscle and reduced about 150 grams of breast tissue that was sagging. This was done through a vertical approach with the final scar being lollipop in shape. These are pretty large breasts implants that I used in her case. There is ample evidence upon looking at her breasts that her skin quality is poor and that sagging of the breast after treatment is almost a guarantee if she does not wear a VERY supportive bra 24/7 to keep her breasts “up and in”. She has done this because her result is so impressive for these photos. I did a “bra check” and she passed. She is quite happy and other family members with similar breasts have come in for the same procedure. Her scars have done quite well in part because she was very compliant about using silicone scar strips for months after surgery.

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