Breast Lift With Implants

Before And After Photos

This patient desired an improvement in the shape of her breasts. She is young and she developed the shape of her breasts when young. She felt that a young women should enjoy better shaped breasts.

She is seen here after a breast lift with implants, and in this case the more advanced BAR procedure – Breast Augmentation and Reduction. I placed 440cc high profile silicone implants beneath the muscle and reduced about 100 grams of dense saggy breast tissue on both sides.

She is seen here early after her procedure (about 4 months). The shape is improved tremendously, her implants are soft and the only problem I noted was some enlargement of the lollipop shaped scars on her breasts. I reinforced the need to use scar strips and gels on a regular basis. Finger massage of the scar tissue will help to soften it and make it smaller and flatter over time.

The scars will improve with time (this can take years). She was encouraged to wear an excellent support bra. She is very pleased with her results.