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Breast Lift With Implants Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 52

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This patient presented for a breast enhancement to lift her lowered, sagging breasts. She complained of feeling “deflated” and did a lot of homework on my website to learn more about the best options to achieve her goal mostly of perkier breasts with more superior fullness.

This is exactly where my breast lift with implants and the advanced variant I call the Breast Reduction with Augmentation (BRA) excels. The idea is to reduce some of the saggy breast tissue and use a breast implant to create superior breast fullness. The combination is the ultimate form of breast enhancement because it takes on the two big issues with saggy breasts by removing the saggy tissue and adding fullness where only a breast implant can. A breast lift alone will not increase upper breast fullness – won’t happen no matter what your surgeon promises. This is a proven fact in the literature, and, more importantly, well known by any truthful experienced surgeon.

I removed about 100 grams of tissue from each breast (more on the larger left breast). She was augmented with 335cc high profile smooth walled silicone implants placed beneath the muscle and her breast lift (part of the procedure to tighten the skin and place the nipples in the best position on the breast) was performed through a vertical approach which leaves a lollipop shaped scar.

Her result is quite good overall. It seems the skin could be tighter at the bottom of the breast but this is probably because of the natural stretch in her skin, and all women have different skin properties that can influence their result even though it was performed using the same techniques.

She wanted bigger breasts and more superior fullness. I suspect this is because she really likes the change from the initial procedure and now is fully engaged in having bigger breasts that stand up on their own. We plan on adding another 250cc of volume by exchanging out her existing implants for larger ones. The procedure is easy and straight forward because the hard work has already been done and the home for the implant has been created, so now all I have to do is swap one implant out for another.

If you look at the moles on her chest carefully you can clearly see how the top of her breast now starts much closer to her clavicles than before. No doubt this is a tremendous “lift” and increase in superior breast fullness but it appears that she wants even more. All patients tend to forget what they used to have and don’t fully appreciate the differences – seems we always want more and better! For this reason, I will often send patients an email with their results side to side so they can fully appreciate the differences – a reminder of sorts. Maybe once she sees the actual improvement side to side she will elect to keep what she has and not choose for larger implants. Then again, maybe not. Such is life……….

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