Breast Lift With Implants

Before And After Photos

This young woman is 6′ and 139 pounds. She is seen before her breast lift with implants – in this case the more advanced version called the Breast Augmentation and Reduction (BAR) procedure. She’s then shown at five months and finally at 20 months post-operative. She was augmented with 300cc smooth walled silicone implants placed beneath the muscle with a vertical approach leaving a lollipop shaped final scar.

At four months you can clearly see the redder scar and the fact that the implants sit up quite high (the procedure is a powerful “lifter” of the breast). At 20 months the scars have faded nicely and the breasts have settled a bit (the implant has moved down a centimeter or so). Although the scars from a lifting procedure are permanent and real they generally fade well over time most patients feel that the scars were a very acceptable trade-off for the overall improvement in the appearance of their breasts.

It has been my experience that the BAR procedure is the most powerful technique to firm, lift, and shape the female breast. No matter what technique used by your surgeon, however, all breasts will settle to some extent. The possible benefit of the BAR procedure is that the tissue most likely to fall is actually removed at the time of the procedure – it can’t fall if it’s not there.