Breast Augmentation

Before And After Photos

This is a 32 year old, 5’4″ and 132 pounds interested in a breast enhancement. She has small breasts located somewhat laterally on her chest wall.

She had a bilateral breast augmentation with 375cc high profile smooth silicone implants. She is pleased with her results and her size choice. Her implants move to the center easily which helps her with her cleavage. She is wearing a great bra and is “breast aware” when it comes to knowing how to support her implants so that they will be this cool well into the future.

Lesson to learn:

  1. Pregnancy after a breast enhancement can have a significant influence on the shape of your breasts. Although genetics probably plays a big role on how well they actually do, it’s common sense that you support your breasts during the swelling and shrinking phase associated with pregnancy. Change your bra size as you get larger and smaller and always make sure your breasts are supported and you will do you very best