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Breast Augmentation Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 89

Patient Details

This is a 40 year old mother of three who is 5’7″ and 135 pounds interested in a breast augmentation. As you can see from her pre-operative photos, she has laterally displaced breasts and VERY small breasts with very little actual breast tissue.

She is seen here about six months after a bilateral breast augmentation with 315cc high profile smooth silicone implants placed beneath the muscle. She is happy with her results but notes several things:

  • Her breasts are not as close to the midline as she would like.
  • She can feel her implant a bit on the lateral aspect of her breasts.
  • Her breast implants feel like they move off to the side when she works out.

Learning points:

  1. She essentially has no breast tissue and laterally situated breasts. Any implant that I use is only covered by her thin muscle and skin. That’s it. She will be able to feel her implant for this reason to some degree. The silicone implants feel wonderful when soft and feel better that saline under these circumstances.
  2. Her breasts are set laterally on her chest wall. The implant has to go behind her breasts. Therefore, her new breasts will be laterally as well. This is NORMAL. If you want more cleavage, you need to mold your breasts to the midline and this can be done but requires effort. It’s MANDITORY to wear a bra that keeps your breast implants in the middle up front if that’s where you want them to be. It’s all about the bra.
  3. She can “feel” her implants more easily along the lateral side of her breasts because there is NO muscle covering the implant in this area because of the normal anatomy of the pectoralis musculature. This too is very normal.
  4. When this patient uses her pectoralis muscle in exercise, it tightens on top of the implants and squeezes them off to the side. This too is normal and the only way to minimize this is to avoid muscle activity that engages your pectoralis muscle. It doesn’t mean you can use the muscle, it just means that you can expect what she experiences and learn that his is normal. All the more reason to wear a supportive bra that helps keep the implants up “front and center”.
  5. It’s real simple in her case: she has an impressive result because I worried for her. I made sure that she knew what to expect BASED ON HER ANATOMY and I made her well aware of the fact that she will only maintain these impressive results with support in a bra. Most of my time with my post-operative patients is all about making them appreciate what they have as most forget or take it for granted. I guess this is simply human nature. It’s all good.

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