Breast Augmentation

Before And After Photos

This is a 30 year old mother of two, 5’1″ and 124 pounds interested in a breast enhancement. She is seen here after a breast augmentation with 375cc high profile silicone implants placed beneath the muscle through an incision at the bottom of the breast.

What is important in her case is that she is a competitive body builder. These patients can be quite a challenge in terms of breast enhancement because they can lose so much fat that the implants can look unnatural and they can be easily palpable. In addition, when placed under the pectoralis muscles, these implants can move quite a bit with muscle activity.

It has been my experience that these patients often do better with submuscular silicone implants rather than saline or silicone implants above the muscle. In her case, she chose a larger implant than I would typically recommend considering her body building activities and small frame.

Artistically, both she and I prefer the body builder figure with fuller, more natural appearing breasts rather than looking at round, “ball like,” “stuck on” implants under a very thin layer of skin. Read about the patient’s experience in her own words:

“Fitness and health are very important for me as a woman and a mother. Having a fit, feminine physique is enjoyable to me. Through weightlifting I build and maintain the sculpted look I desire. Together with exercise and clean eating I decided to undergo a breast augmentation surgery to create a proportional, curvy figure that I am proud of.  I am very happy with my decisions to do the surgery as well as putting forth the effort into healthy living. Being muscular and womanly to me is the greatest combination.”