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This female is 5’2″ and 118 pounds. She attended one of my breast seminars and decided a year later that she was ready for a breast augmentation. Upon examination, she is obviously a young woman with excellent features and wonderful skin but she had significant chest wall asymmetries. She also has curvatures of her spine. The right breast was more laterally displaced than her left and her rib cage right to left was quite asymmetrical.

She is seen here after a bilateral breast augmentation with 300cc silicone implants placed beneath the muscle from an incision beneath the breast. Her comment when these photos were taken five months after her surgery is that she wishes her breasts were not so far apart.

Given the preoperative condition of her ribs and her scoliosis, this is actually about as good as it gets. The station of her breasts (where they are situated on her ribs) is quite good and her breasts have remained up front and have not slid off to the side with time. This has been helped because she wears an excellent bra (especially at night when the implants want to move off to the side), and I have educated her about the need for continuous support “up and in.” Asymmetry of a woman’s rib cage is the rule. It is rare to have complete symmetry right to left on any human. This is an important concept for you and your physician to take into consideration so that your results are optimal and so that you have realistic expectations. This is also why it is important to try on implant sizers before your surgery as this is the time when these differences are best noted.

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