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This Asian mother of one who is 5’7″ and 143 pounds desired a breast enhancement. She said her breasts have always been small and she felt this affected her self – esteem. She is seen here five months after a bilateral breast augmentation with smooth silicone implants placed beneath the muscle through an incision below the breast. I mention that she is Asian because my experience with Asian patients is that the procedure is distinctly different in terms of the degree of difficulty and the post-operative need for far greater efforts to adequately shape the breasts. The tissues in general are thicker, her muscle was much larger than most people, and the muscle is attached more extensively to the underlying ribs. This makes the pocket creation more difficult. Because of the very taught tissue they often need aggressive massage to help mold the breast and help it to drop to an optimal level.

She has a very nice result but I had to work at this quite a bit and often. I saw her very frequently so that my staff and I could mold her breasts for the first seven weeks or so after her procedure. She was not able to move them as much as we would have liked because it’s not always easy for the patient to mold their own breasts and there was no help available in her home. The concept of molding the breast is not discussed much in general. I believe that in many cases it is possible to improve on the outcome from an augmentation by molding the breast and surrounding tissues around the implant in order to obtain the best shape and to keep the implants soft (non-contracting breasts). She is very pleased with her outcome and would be the first to admit that among all the benefits from her choice to undergo a breast enhancement, the improvement is self-esteem is first and foremost.

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