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Breast Lift With Implants Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 72

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This is a really instructive case. She is 7 weeks out from a breast augmentation and reduction procedure. This isn’t just a lift on top of implants is a REDUCTION of tissue and skin on top of implants. This is a complicated, unique procedure that is only performed by very experienced surgeons.

She lost over 100 pounds resulting in sagging breasts and lots of skin excess. Patients with this history of weight reduction are not ideal for implants as their skin quality compromises the long term results with surgery as you see here. I only offered her this surgery after I knew she understood the issues involved and was willing to wear the correct supportive “up and in” bra needed to ensure the very best result.

Look at her transformation. Her breasts are now up and not down. They sit higher on her chest than before. Check out her moles for reference. She has projection and she says she is the same size as she was before surgery but her breasts are now where they should be. Her scars will get even better over time. She has some asymmetries that are expected and accepted. This is an absolute transformation for the better.

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