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This is a classic breast lift and implant case seen about 8 months from treatment. It’s actually a lot more than that because I have worked on my BRA procedure for many years—breast reduction and augmentation. This is an entirely different procedure in that the sagging/excess breast tissue is removed rather than just sutured. If you remove the tissue, it can’t sag again. The problem with a breast lift and implant alone combination is that the breast isn’t properly shaped, and the tissue will sag again leading to much disappointment especially after your surgeon really didn’t mention this likely event and you spent good money on your procedure.

The ideal candidate is a women with larger breasts that are saggy. They are lower than they used to be and there is a big loss of superior breast fullness as well as a long “run” from your clavicles to the top of your breasts. This is what shows in most clothing and it’s just a flat chest. Larger, sagging breasts likely will make you look matronly and older than you actually are. Clothing doesn’t fit right. It takes a lot of work to get your breasts properly positioned in your bra. Worse yet, it makes you look heavier than you are.

Most surgeons are not trained in or even remotely experienced with the concept of reducing breast tissue and using and implant at the same time as the procedure is complicated and requires much experience over many years to master. Be very careful if you are considering this procedure and vet your surgeon carefully. Successful treatment results in the “high and tight” breasts that many women seek. This can be your time so do your homework and engage a qualified surgeon. Breast Reduction Augmentation or BRA procedure.

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