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Patient Details

This is a 40 year old mother of two who is 5’5″ and 140 pounds who was interested in a breast augmentation. I felt during the interview that she was misinformed about breast implants. For one thing, she was of the understanding that after her augmentation that she would not need to wear a bra! You can only imagine that this made my heart miss a beat or two! I wonder if this misconception doesn’t come from women who have breast contractures and who don’t have to worry about a bra because their implants are stuck to on their chest!

Anyway, she didn’t want scars and her breasts are asymmetrical (right larger and more saggy than the left), and both her breast are quite saggy and without any superior breast fullness. She clearly wanted larger breasts than most (I think her and her husband believed it would be fun to have large breasts).

We discussed the issues at hand. With a larger breast implant I would be able to “fill out” some of the loose skin and make it appear that her breasts are “lifted” to some degree BUT at the expense of larger implants that can lead to all sorts of problems down the line-particularly if she doesn’t wear a bra.

She is seen here about one year after a bilateral breast augmentation with 510cc saline implants placed beneath the muscle through a small incision at the bottom of the breast.

What you can learn from her case:

  1. Larger implants can fill out the breast and make it appear like they have been “lifted” to some degree.
  2. Wearing a great bra to offload the weight of the implants from the skin is essential to a nice long term result. You can see the bra that she is wearing is keeping her breasts “up and in”. She also wears a bra at night (her husband doesn’t like this).
  3. The nipple piercing says it all in terms of her satisfaction.
  4. With her arms up you can’t see the scar from the incision to put the implant in. If it’s a saline implant the incision is TINY so don’t even think about using any other incision (like under the arm pit or through the “belly button”).
  5. As a general rule, the larger the implants, the greater the complication potential. If I were to pick an implant size that is starting to get large, I would say 350-375cc for the “average” breast. Ultimately, my best guess depends on what I find on examination of your breasts. Some can go larger with confidence, others can’t.
  6. If you look critically at the shape of her breasts you can tell that they were not even before, and they aren’t even after, but they are larger and cooler.

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