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This patient 6' tall and 180 pounds. She was an athlete and didn’t like the size or shape of her breasts. She believes that her shoulders are too large. Her breasts are small for her frame and narrow (almost tubular). She has chest wall and breast asymmetries. When we tried on the implant sizers she immediately gravitated to the larger size. She likes that the larger implants make her shoulders look smaller and that her figure is more in balance-she doen’t look like a large young lady.

She is seen here after a breast augmentation with 650cc silicone implants placed below the muscle through an incision beneath the breast. Note that when I made the incision to place the implant that I had to “fudge” the location because the new crease is actually a lot lower. If I had made it in the existing crease it would have ended up on the face of the breast. She is seen here five months after her procedure. Certainly she is MUCH larger and fuller. She loves her breasts now and I can tell you that she is a changed woman. However, she did develop STRETCH MARKS from her procedure. These are the red lines you can see on the outside of each breast. This is very uncommon; I have seen about three cases in the past twenty years. We do not know why this occurs or who is most likely to develop stretch marks. I can tell you that it seems to occur in younger patients and is probably related to the volume of the implants (larger implants stretch more). The good news is that she is not concerned with them and she knows that as the reddness goes away that it will be less noticable.

The larger sized implants will require a very supportive bra. Also understand that when you use an implant that has a diameter that is a lot larger than the breast it’s possible to have a “double bubble” type appearance. This is because the smaller breast (hill) sits on top of the larger implant (mountain). It’s important to shape the breast afterwards to flatten the natural breast so that there isn’t a step-off that looks unnatural.

The bottom line is that the larger sized implants have helped her psychologically. Most women prefer not to be considered “large” even if this means that you are not overweight or obese, but just large boned. Combine this with small breasts and there is a dysproportion that makes matters even worse. Creating balance and symmetry with the help of breast implants is one of the most benefical aspects of the breast enhancement process.

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