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This young woman desired breast enhancement. She has a fuller/curvy figure and small breasts with moderate “tubular” shape bilaterally. We discussed the issues specific to her breasts-the use of a breast implant to add size and shape to her breasts. I felt that it was possible in her case to perform a “simple” breast augmentation and to “mold” her breasts afterwards so the implant can be used to help shape up her breast skin and tissue with the goal of not having to do a secondary procedure to make her areolas smaller or splay her dense tissue beneath her areolas that is responsible for the cone shape of her breasts.

We were able to achieve this goal without additional surgery. She did her job in molding her breasts and I’m sure we were just lucky that her tissue responded very well to breast implants. She was enhanced with 470 cc high profile smooth walled silicone implants placed beneath the breast.

What’s revealing in her case is the benefits realized in the shape and proportions of her figure. We can see that her breasts are beautiful but her figure is now outstanding as we were able to add balance/proportion to her figure so she was no longer pear shaped. Now she has the curves that rock and she knows it!

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