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Tummy Tuck Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 05

Patient Details

This patient is a mother of two who recently lost 75 pounds with diet and exercise. She was interested in a mommy makeover.

Based on my consultation and examination, I felt that her risk for surgery is not insignificant. I educated her on these risks and we discussed options based on my experience and my outpatient facility. I offered her a combination of liposuction and a panniculectomy. This is not an abdominoplasty. This is the removal of the tissue in the area between the belly button and the pubic area. There is no tightening of the abdominal fascia and the belly button isn’t moved. It is a simpler, safer alternative than a full abdominoplasty and the results are quite rewarding.

You can see from her pictures that there is a big improvement. She no longer has a belly that gets in her way.

In her words:

I do perform plastic surgery for weight loss in my facility. However, my patients are considered ideal from the perspective of their health status—both physical and emotional. I will offer procedures in stages, which means I will select procedures that work best under the circumstances. For example, this may mean that I perform a tummy tuck or body lift first, then come back for arms, legs and breasts. My patients are close to their ideal weight, have excellent post-operative support help and are mentally focused on the best outcomes in the safest manner possible. An alternative would be to seek the care provided by a hospital based plastic surgeon who can offer many procedures at the same time. In my opinion, this means doing surgery in the hospital setting (not my first choice), doing a lot of work that will take much more time to recover, increase the possibilities of complications (some serious) and compromising the outcome by doing many procedures at once.

This has worked quite well for me. I have had only minor complications and everyone is safe and sound and pleased with their results. The “journey” during these procedures is quite rewarding, and strong bonds are developed between my patients, myself and my staff because we are a part of their renewal. Life is a journey, the transformation after extreme weight loss can be the best time of your life.

In her words:

  1. My stamina and energy are a lot better.
  2. My maneuverability is better without the excess fullness of my abdomen.
  3. My self-esteem is a lot better.
  4. Clothes fit better.
  5. I can keep up with my kids—playing and running.
  6. It’s a new lease on life.

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