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Mommy Makeover Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 35

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This patient had a bilateral 375cc breast augmentation and a floating tuck abdominoplasty. It’s hard to believe but she has 5 kids and did really, really well.

The idea of a floating tuck is to keep her scar really low on the abdomen because she has a high belly button. Also, there is no scar around the belly button. A standard full tuck would require an incision around the belly button and a much higher scar on the abdomen to get her closed. She had excellent skin and limited damage to the abdominal area. The idea is to keep her looking awesome NAKED. She has two small dog ears on either end of the lower abdominal scar that I am going to revise with liposuction under local anesthesia.

It’s difficult to imagine and “see” a floating tuck for most patients. It’s better explained in front of a patient so they understand the difference with a full tuck. You must have the right anatomy and this procedure rocks. If you need a full tuck that is what I will recommend. Less skin is removed in a floating tuck. No scar around the belly button. A really low scar is made. The fascia is tightened in both alternatives.

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