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This mother of two was considering a mommy makeover. With regards to her breasts, she had small C cup breasts with associated breast ptosis (sagging). She was adverse to the scars of a mastopexy augmentation procedure which, in my opinion, would have made her breasts fuller, higher, and tighter. She is seen here about five months after a breast augmentation with 300cc silicone high profile smooth implants placed beneath the muscle from an incision in the breast crease.

I also performed a full body liposuction at the same time which makes her abdomen and chest look smaller relative to her breasts. Her breasts are certainly larger and more lifted in appearance. There is some looser tissue at the bottom of her breasts as we expected because the augmentation alone can only provide for a modest amount of lift. She likes the larger size of her breasts, which is even more so when you consider the liposuction of her body made her much smaller. I chose to use high profile implants because it will provide for more lift, more superior fullness and it will narrow the appearance of her breasts (oftentimes post pregnancy breasts that are larger are also wider and more matronly in appearance and narrowing the breasts creates a more youthful breast).

You can see her body photos under the liposuction category. A reduction mastopexy procedure can always be performed as a secondary procedure if she so desires, but she has been extremely happy with the improvement obtained with an implant alone, particularly with the fullness in the upper part of her breasts. It takes a lot of experience for your surgeon to predict what your breasts will look like with an implant alone without a lift. If the tissue quality is poor and the skin is very lax, a lifting procedure may be needed for the best result. If your goal is higher and tighter breasts, a Breast Reduction with Augmentation(BRA) procedure is often needed.

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