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This mom, 5 feet tall and 115 pounds was interested in a “mommy makeover.” She complains that her breasts have fallen and she has very loose, stretched skin on her abdomen. On examination I noted that she has very smooth but inelastic skin that is very thin and loose. This is the skin she inherited from her parents. It compromises the results that you can reasonably expect because the tissue I am working with is of poor quality I often tell patients that “I can’t build a two story straw hut.”

I elected to perform an abdominoplasty to tighten her loose fascia and remove the wrinkled skin on the lower part of her abdomen. I also performed an augmentation/reduction/mastopexy procedure. I used an implant for superior fullness and improved breast firmness, reduced a small amount of breast tissue to help shape the breast, and finally I tightened the skin and elevated the nipple areola complex to a more youthful position.

Overall the outcome is as about as good as I expected considering her loose skin. She very much appreciates her improvement but wishes her breasts were tighter. She is seen here about four years after her procedure. We are considering a revisional mastopexy procedure which would tighten the skin envelope. However, her results are satisfactory, and it’s important to remember that sometimes the “enemy of good is better,” which means we might want to leave good enough alone.

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