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This is a mother of two, 5′ 1″ and 187 pounds. She was interested in body contouring procedures. She is an example of a “staged procedure” (see What is a staged procedure? in the F.A.Q.). I recommended a first stage liposuction to shrink down her fat. The plan is for her to lose considerable weight for a second stage abdominoplasty and maybe a third stage breast reduction. She was counseled and psychologically scrutinized for her suitability for these procedures (to help determine her chance for success).

Her photos here show the results of her first stage liposuction. Her weight is 164 pounds. Note the overall size decrease as well as the remarkable skin retraction particularly on the lower abdomen (the area of hanging skin). She was a size 16 and now she is an 8 to 10. I suggested an additional 10 pound weight loss before performing her abdominoplasty procedure as she will be closer to her ideal weight. This weight will come from the fat on the inside of her abdomen which will allow for a tighter closure at the time of her abdominoplasty.

One of the benefits of staging procedures is not just safety but improved results. Patients will enjoy the benefits of the results of the first stage which can provide motivation for weight loss which is more critical to the success of future procedures.

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