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This mother of two, 5’6″ and 190 pounds, has struggled with her weight since having children. She was interested in body contouring plastic surgery options. She is seen her at about five months after a large liposuction. She has lost eleven inches on her waist, decreased four dress sizes, and has lost a little over twenty pounds since her procedure. She has changed her lifestyle considerably by eating better and working out on a daily basis.

There are several issues to consider in her case. Liposuction is not performed for weight loss. In her case, after very intense and frank discussions, I felt that her personality and commitment to success would work in her favor. She would have to work very hard to change her lifestyle so she will be able to continue to lose weight and maintain weight loss into the future. Weight gain would result in the recurrence of fat not only in the treated areas but elsewhere as well (the fat travels phenomenon). As a general rule, it’s always better to lose the weight before entertaining plastic surgery. In her case, the procedure provided for the immediate result which then gave her the motivation and positive feedback necessary for a successful life changing outcome.

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