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This mother of two, 5’6″ and 190 pounds, was initially interested in an abdominoplasty and breast reduction. I educated her at length about all the issues involved, and I recommended that she consider a first stage liposuction, a second stage abdominoplasty, and a third stage breast reduction. Most importantly, we discussed weight loss and weight management. No surgery is offered if she does not plan on losing significant weight and living a healthier and happier lifestyle. She must invest in herself.

She is seen here four months after a first stage liposuction. She lost 24 pounds since her procedure and has donated bundles of her clothes to Goodwill because “they just fall off.” Note the dramatic improvement in shape. Her abdominal skin has retracted so well that an abdominoplasty is not even being considered! We are planning on her bilateral breast reduction in the near future.

The last two photos are the same patient after a bilateral breast reduction performed after she healed from her liposuction (about three months).

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