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This is a patient, 5’4″ and 155 pounds, who has two children. She was interested in liposuction for her fuller hips and “pear shape.” Her weight has been relatively stable only with a recent gradual increase of about seven pounds. She has good skin and was highly motivated. I felt that after speaking with her for about an hour in her initial consultation, that she would be a reasonably good candidate for liposuction.

She is seen here after liposuction of her trunk and lower extremities (including her calves). I removed a total of about 8550cc of fat (large volume liposuction) in two hours. Her original dress size was a 14 and now she is around a 6 or 8. She says that the procedure has revolutionized her life is extremely pleased with her results.

Large volume liposuction should only be performed by an expert in handling these cases. Note the procedure was only performed in two hours–faster surgery means less “stress” on the body and safer outcomes. It is impossible to perform a large volume liposuction without at least some minor skin irregularities.

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