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Patient Details

This is a female patient, 5’9″ and 147 pounds, who was considering liposuction. She admits to being a “perfectionist.” As you can see from her pre-liposuction photos that she has an impressive figure to start with. Her weight is stable. We performed a finesse liposuction of her trunk, front and back, as well as her upper medial thighs and her knees. She has gained about four pounds since her liposuction and is aware of this.

This case illustrates a comprehensive liposuction (meaning I removed fat from many different areas). The issue was not as much about how much fat I removed but the artistic manner in which I contoured her fat without creating asymmetries or irregularities. I insist that all patients weigh themselves every day on the scale to make sure that they are maintaining an appropriate weight. The improvement in her figure has been created mostly from contouring about her hips, waist, and buttock area. I usually would frown on someone who tells me they are a perfectionist as it can be quite difficult to make these people happy, but since I am very confident in my liposuction skills I proceeded in her case. Indeed, she is very happy with her results and would recommend the procedure to her friends.

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