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This mother of one is 5’2″ and 132 pounds and has a pear shape. She says she did a lot of homework and appreciated my website and my work and wanted liposuction. She had the typical pear-like figure with lipodystrophy about her hips and saddle bag area.

She is seen here about five months after a liposuction of 5000cc’s of fat. Her weight is unchanged. There has been a dramatic improvement in her shape. She is no longer shaped like a pear. I asked her if she got new jeans and what she did with her old ones. She told me “I never owned or wore a pair of jeans. I always wore loose black pants.” I just had to take a photo of her in her jeans.

Liposuction in the best of hands can be a transformational procedure. The results are always limited by the ability of your surgeon and the quality of your skin. Remember that when you are considering liposuction please choose your surgeon and not a machine or technique. This is the fastest way to an undesirable outcome, if you believe that the machine is going to provide you with your result: believe me, you may be setting yourself up for an unwanted surprise. Liposuction machines are now marketed to provide you with outcomes that are simply not proven.

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