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This is a 44 year old mother of three from Austin, Texas, 5’2” and 140 pounds, who presented to me for a mommy makeover. On examination, she had a fair amount of fullness in her trunk area, she had wonderful thick skin and has done remarkably well considering her three kids. Her breasts were deflated and saggy. She has a fair amount of fullness in her anterior neck area.

We discussed options at length. We considered liposuction, breast procedures, neck lifting options and an abdominoplasty. I recommended that she consider liposuction and a neck lift procedure as I believe this is where she will gain the most benefit with the least cost and surgical risk. Because of her great skin, I believe it will retract well for a woman of her age. We can always perform an abdominoplasty as a secondary procedure down the line once she has enjoyed the benefits of her liposuction.

As you can see from the body pictures, she indeed did quite well. She has a narrower abdomen, an hour glass shape, and an improved buttock area. She has some small irregularities of the abdominal skin, but they are quite minor and certainly not a deal breaker. She has not done anything with her breasts at this time. Many people come to me with what they think they need or want, but my input is critical in making the right choices because of my experience over the past twenty five years.

She is very pleased with her results, particularly her neck because I actually volunteered that she should consider treatment there because I know that it would make a HUGE improvement on her appearance.

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