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This is a 24 year old, 5’8” and 190 pounds, interested in body contouring liposuction. We had our typical weight discussions. It was ideal for her to lose some weight and then have her liposuction. In her case we elected to perform our liposuction removing almost 7000cc of fat. She has lost 10 pounds since her surgery which is a good thing as it would have made me upset if she gained weight. She loves her result except for a small area of fullness above her umbilicus. I am going to contour some remaining fat under local anesthesia in the future.

She loves the difference. She has curves, big time, in a really good way, and she looks fantastic in dresses (one of her primary goals). She is working out a lot and monitoring her weight with the use of a scale on a daily basis. She enjoys this nice result because she happens to have really good skin which makes the results from any liposuction all the more gratifying.

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