Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This is an education case. This patient presented to me for a secondary gynecomastia surgical treatment, meaning that he previously had gynecomastia surgery that he was not satisfied with. He had remaining fullness that he can see as well as feel. I removed the masses you can see (a collection of scar tissue and gland). He developed a hematoma on his left side. I managed it in the office the next day. He is seen here two years later with an impressive looking chest with no scar tissue. He worked it regularly as instructed for optimal recovery from gynecomastia surgery.

The problem with a hematoma is the tendency to develop scar tissue from the blood sitting in the tissues that causes inflammation. It is essential for all patients who have a hematoma or seroma to work their tissues to keep scar tissue from accumulating and forming hard areas that can be seen and felt. If you don’t work it you can’t reasonable expect not to get scar tissue. Remember this: the big issue with gynecomastia treatment is not hematoma or seroma or contour irregularity, it’s scar tissue formation.