Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This patient is about 4 months out from his gynecomastia treatment surgery. He had a “tubular” form of gynecomastia which basically means he had very puffy/herniated nipple-areola complexes and a narrow appearance of the apex of his chest. Note the retraction of the nipple-areola complexes after mass removal. Making the areolas smaller with a circular scar is not necessary, and if it is, can always be done as a secondary procedure. I have educated that it is rarely needed as the scar can become, and often is, very unsightly.

His psychological transformation has been very impressive. He told me that his transformation started when he first saw his chest out of surgery in the recovery room. Things just got better and better from there. He was aware of situations in the past that would have made him very uncomfortable but this anxiety became less and less with time. He can wear clothing of his choice. He is comfortable with, even proud of his body. He is working out regularly. His confidence is high. He wants to help others as he doesn’t want anyone to have to suffer what he has been though.