Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This patient lost over 150 pounds and is seen in these photos after surgical treatment of gynecomastia involving a skin removal treatment with free nipple grafting. This is a bigger procedure with scars across the chest and under the arms as needed. This procedure is reserved for those patients with maximal skin laxity who are unlikely to respond well to non-skin removal treatment. In order to decide who is the best candidate for skin removal your surgeon has to have great experience with gynecomastia. It is often recommended when it is NOT necessary in my experience. The scars are very real but typically well tolerated by those patients who need it most. Getting those scars when it was not necessary is traumatic as there is no going back to a scarless chest. Always get multiple opinions when told you need skin removal unless it is very obvious. He his pleased with his new chest. He rocks a T shirt/Polo and looks great without a shirt as well. Skin removal should only be performed by those surgeons with vast experience with the nuances of the treatment and recovery. Hematoma/bleeding is more common in weight loss patients. Greater vigilance is needed when performing this procedure.